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An expedition to the lovers of trekking and adventure. The road, which will allow us to explore and visit two jewels of the Inca civilization – Choquequirao and Machu Picchu – is about 100 Kms and develops through Andean landscapes of stunning scenic beauty, mountains and tropical valleys. The tour includes a visit Saywite Archaeological Center.


1st day / Cusco – Saywite – Villa Los Loros lodge
Passengers are picked up at their hotel and head to Cusco at 7:00 am in a private bus, with the first destination Saywite Archaeological Park. There he observed the mysterious monolith and the nearby archaeological remains, the staggered pacchas ushnu and must be remembered in order to contrast their correspondence with the ceremonial architecture of Choquequirao. After a good box-lunch, we continue down through the remote valley of Huanipaca, one of those spots in the Peruvian highlands reserved for travelers. At the bottom of the deep valley awaits Villa Los Loros Lodge. The rooms ready and after a necessary relaxation, a small meeting at which dispel the anxiety a trip like this has on every traveler. Dinner and overnight.

2nd day / Villa Los Loros lodge (2,260 m) – Choquequirao (3,050 m)
After breakfast we depart at 5:30 am, down a footpath entering the Hacienda San Ignacio Antigua then slopes downhill towards the raging Apurimac River (Playa San Ignacio). We cross the suspension bridge … here begins the serious, the rise from the level of the water (at 1,450 m) to Camp Choquequirao (2,870 masl) is nothing short of overwhelming. On one hand, the beauty of the landscape, rivers, waterfalls, flowers lilac, all is movement … On the other, the rugged surroundings, the steep slope and your heartbeat combine in a very personal connection with their surroundings traveler and himself . Back in the camp and after lunch, we expect Phaqchayoq (the system of terraces or “pantry” where you can see the cultivation of corn) and The House of the Waterfall (according to scholars, the home of Inca of Choquequirao). Returning to camp, tired, have dinner and spend the night. (Bathrooms and cold showers available). (Trekking 17 Kms)

3rd day / Choquequirao (3,050 m) – Pinchaunuyoc (2,487 m)
Today we visit the best sectors of Choquequirao Archaeological Park. We will have lunch near the collection, not to disrupt the visit and see, with a little luck, the flight of the majestic Andean Condor over the deep canyon of the Apurimac River. In the afternoon we started the ascent from the citadel, through tall forests rich in epiphytes, bromeliads and beautiful orchids, to surround the passage of Choquequirao to 3270 masl and begin a descent down the slopes of the west side of the mountain to Click Unuyoc. There we set up camp. (8.5 Kms Trekking)

4th day / Pinchaunuyoc (2,487 m) – Cornfield (2,892 m)
Visit the archaeological site of Pinchaunuyoc, a growing range of platforms topped by a small ceremonial site and then continue the descent to the gorge of the Rio Blanco warm or Yuraqmayu (1.875msnm), which consume lunch. Then began the ascent of the mountain to reach Qorihuayrachina Cornfield, a natural balcony with a breathtaking view. There we set up camp. Dinner and overnight. (9.5 Kms Trekking)

5th day / Cornfield (2,892 m) – Yanama (3,520 m)
Going up a varied forest, passing the old Victoria Mine (silver), we arrive at the open of San Juan (4.200msnm), where we will enjoy breathtaking views of the Cordillera de Vilcabamba. Continuing along the trail in the middle slope of the cliffs, we arrive at the small community of Yanama. (Trekking Km 12.500)

6th day / Yanama (3.520 m) – Totora (3.400 m)
Our route ascends grasslands a high Andean valley, moderate slope, until step Yanama, the highest point of the crossing (4.620msnm). From there we will descend to the valley of Santa Teresa, against the backdrop of the breathtaking views of the mountains of Salkantay (6.270msnm) and Huamantay (5.917msnm), the highest peaks of the Vilcabamba Range, whose slopes are located Machu Picchu . We will zigzag down to the camp by the river town of Totora. (Trekking Km 12)

7th day / Totora (3.400 m) – La Playa (2.135 m)
This day will be downhill, through an undulating path until you reach the settlement Collpapampa. There we had lunch and enjoy the nearby hot springs. Then follow the road through a pleasant forest and then through coffee plantations and orchards tropical passion fruit, papaya and avocado, with towering mountains on both sides until the beginning of the road, in town La Playa, where we camp. (Trekking Km 15)

8th Day / The Beach (2.135 m) – Hydroelectric (1.875 m) – Pueblo MaPi (Aguas Calientes)
Today we have to choose between two options: (i) Continue to walk up to the hydroelectric plant, or (ii) to board a bus to take us to Santa Teresa and from there to the same hydroelectric plant. In the first case we expect a 6 hour walk * during which we will visit the archaeological site of Llactapata (2.590msnm), ceremonial site related to the sunrise at the winter solstice, which is seen rising over Machu Picchu. In the second case our journey to the hydro will be 1 hour and we could only get some rest in the spa Cocalmayo, near Santa Teresa. In both cases the train will take us from the power station to Machu Picchu Pueblo in 15 minutes. Here you can relax in the hotel or enjoy the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes. (Trekking Km 16) *

9th day / Machu Picchu – Cusco
We left early to catch the first bus that will leave us in the same Inca Sanctuary, located on the Urubamba River canyon in the heart of the jungle mountain range of Salkantay, wonder of the world that visit, taking the opportunity to make visits optional to the imposing mountain of Wayna Picchu or the Sun Gate (Inti Punku). Returning to Machu Picchu town, consume a buffet lunch at a tourist restaurant and then we will take the train back to Cusco. Transfer to hotel.

The package includes

  • Briefing of the participants at the hotel in Cusco, the day before departure
  • Pick up from hotel and transfer to Villa Los Loros
  • Guide (English – Spanish)
  • Two nights hotel accommodation (Villa Los Loros lodge and Machu Picchu village)
  • Six nights camping with full team of high quality camping (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, kitchen tent, dining room, bathroom, furniture, camp kitchen and all utensils, lighting equipment, etc..)
  • First Aid Kit
  • All meals and drinks (9 lunches, 8 dinners, 8 breakfasts, snacks)
  • Saddle horse for emergency (1 in 5 participants)
  • Trained and qualified
  • Cook, porters, mules
  • Entrance fees to the archaeological Saywite, Choquequirao and Machu Picchu
  • Bus Machu Picchu village – Sanctuary – Machu Picchu village
  • Vistadome from Machu Picchu to Cusco

Additional information

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