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Explore the archaeological complex of Choquequirao trekking path starting from and returning by Huanipaca Cachora, using the facilities of Villa Los Loros Lodge on the last night. We will run a circuit of 49 miles, knowing the geographical depth of Choquequirao. Perhaps this is a more demanding route, it is certainly a little longer (15 kms more) and involves another night camping.


1st. day / Cusco – Cachora – Chiquiska
Passengers are picked up at their hotel and head to Cusco at 6:00 AM in a private bus to the beautiful town of Cachora, a town that is a “balcony” overlooking the majestic Cordillera de Vilcabamba. From Cachora foot expedition begins, a brief tour with gentle slope leads to Capuliyoc Open.
Near the bottom of the world, the tropical Chiquiska is the first camp. Dinner and overnight.

2nd. day / Chiquiska – Playa Rosalina – Maranpata – Choquequirao
After breakfast the descent continues through raging waters Apurimac River (Playa Rosalina). Cross the suspension bridge, no turning back, the long, steep ascent from the river (1500 meters) to the area Marampata (2.900msnm) steals the last breath the walker. I took it easy, enjoying the sacrifice, in the way you can regain strength in Santa Rosa, where the only resident Julian-attends camp with sports drinks and biscuits (not included) to the brave visitors. At lunch reset Marampata forces and spirit remains intact, the traveler knows he is close and after two hours of easy path up to Choquequirao camp (2,870 m) We expected Phaqchayoq (the system of terraces or “pantry” where seen growing corn) and The House of the Waterfall (according to scholars, the home of Inca of Choquequirao). Returning to camp, tired, have dinner and spend the night. (Bathrooms and cold showers available).

3rd. day / all day Choquequirao
This is the most beautiful day. We are struck by how the vast majority of visitors take 4 days’ journey (two in back and two in back) and only a few hours or maybe minutes (!) To enjoy exploring the different sectors of Choquequirao. Understanding that the complex is an organized scattered on both sides of Apu spur spending the time Corihuayrachina know you deserve and need to understand the integrity of its context. We will have all day to visit the best parts of the Archaeological Park, the flames, the upper and lower parts, the Great Trail, the Wall Triumphal Sartiges. Our travelers enjoy lunch near the collection, not to disrupt the visit and see, with a little luck, the majestic flight of the condor over the deep canyon of the Apurimac River. We returned to camp, where we have dinner and spend the night. (Bathrooms and cold showers available).

4to. day / Choquequirao – Hacienda San Ignacio – Villa Los Loros lodge
After breakfast and knowing that the way back is shorter, easier return. We surprised the novelty of the landscape, we now have a different view because the spirits (and muscles recovered) are maximum. The voice of the river always there, the imposing Apurimac Canyon seems to swallow the traveler. Finally, the Playa San Ignacio. “Black Whip”, “Machuco”, “Cayguash” or some other lie ahead. The return on its back gives us the opportunity to look at one last great landscape which we are part. Riding allows a great way to photograph the friends that came and new friends that the trip gives us, the carriers are a kind of supermen and their way of life will sink deep into the memories of the traveler. Beside the ruined walls of the Hacienda San Ignacio, we rest and after lunch the horseback ride takes us to Villa Los Loros Lodge. When looking back we know how far we have come. Dinner and overnight.

5th. day / Villa Los Loros lodge – Cusco
After breakfast, we boarded the bus back to Cusco. During lunch the road near the village of Curahuasi, in the valley of the Apurimac. Finally we arrive in Cusco at around 3 pm (5 hours).

The package includes

  • Briefing participants at your hotel in Cusco, the day before departure
  • Private transportation round trip (Cusco – Cachora / Villa Los Loros lodge – Cusco)
  • Guide (English – Spanish)
  • Chef professional field
  • One night accommodation in Villa Los Loros lodge
  • Three nights camping in Choquequirao Archaeological Park
  • Teams of high quality camping (tent, sleeping bag with hygienic staff savannah, mattress, kitchen tent, dining tables and chairs, kitchen and all utensils, lighting equipment, etc..)
  • First Aid Kit
  • All meals and drinks at the lodge and during the trip
  • Snacks for the road
  • Porters and trained mules
  • Emergency horse around the trekking path (at the rate of 1 every 4-5 walkers)
  • Entrance fee to the archaeological complex of Choquequirao
  • Personal horse for the return from Playa San Ignacio to the lodge

Additional information

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Note: for this excursion you need at least two people. All prices are in dollars and are per person, any questions send an e-mail or please consult our prices here.

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