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Nasca (Nazca) is the capital of the province of Nasca. Situated on the right bank the Aja River (tributary of the Rio Grande). It is a very active city due to the influx of tourists visiting the ancient Nasca Lines and also to the agricultural development, trade and tourism in the area.

It was founded by Viceroy Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza in 1591 and was created August 29, 1821. Then on July 2, 1855 was elevated to district level, then became a province on January 23, 1941.

The Nasca district and the district of Vista Alegre form a single urban center to be both practically bound to form the city of 30 000 inhabitants.

Currently Nasca is a thriving tourist center of international fame. Besides the development of trade and services have turned the city into a major city in southern Peru. Nasca has regained its beauty that has been always its main character.


Nasca is the capital of the province of the same name, within the Department of Ica, Peru. Located 443 km south of Lima and 588 masl.


Warm, dry and sunny all year round with an average temperature of 23 °C. The climate is warm and mild. Summer temperatures exceed 35 °C (December to March). Due to the warm climate all year, Nazca is known as “the city of eternal summer.”


The Nazca province has access to the southern Panamerican Highway (443 km city of Nasca) and the Inter-Oceanic Highway that connects the mountains and forests of southern Peru, reaching as far as Brazil and Bolivia.