Choquequirao (Southern Quechua: Chuqi K’iraw, “Cradle of Gold” or Choqek’iraw) is a ruined Inca city located between the foothills of Mount Salkantay, in the province of Anta , Cusco region, southern Peru, similar in structure and architecture to Machu Picchu. The ruins are buildings and terraces at levels above and below Sunch’u Pata, the truncated hill top. The hilltop was anciently leveled and ringed with stones to create a 30 by 50 m platform. Choquequirao at 3,050 masl is in the spurs of the Salkantay Mountain Range in the Province La Convención in the Cusco region above the valley of river Río Apurímac. The complex is 1,800 hectares, of which 30–40% is excavated. The site can be reached by a two-day hike from outside Cusco.

Choquequirao (sometimes also referred to as Choqequirau or Choquekiraw) is known as the “sacred sister” of Machu Picchu for architectural and structural similarity with this. Recently, while partially excavated, has attracted interest from the Peruvian government to recover even more complex and make it a more affordable alternative for tourists interested in learning more about the Inca culture.